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2017-11-26 18:03:48 UTC
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I was on here years ago, and also as LBG. I helped Frank Bogaerts infiltrate this group. At the time, approx. 2006, I didn't fully know what trolling was. Frank died of a heart attack on our bathroom floor, my son found his body in the morning. I wound up trying to stay in Belgium and had a daughter who still lives there. It sucks. I have another girl who lives with me and my son and my boyfriend about 50 miles away and in another parish. I lost Frank and my daughter and was causative in ruining this group. I'm deeply sorry. I'm almost 40 now. I miss you guys, all the OPs. I hope you are doing well.
2017-11-27 04:55:18 UTC
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I [...] was causative in ruining this group.
The apparent demise of this and many other Usenet groups is the
proliferation of other social media better adapted to binary attachments.
(i.e. posting photos, etc.)
I'm deeply sorry.
Then you should really feel free to continue posting here. I suspect that
most of the people you feel that you offended are probably no longer active
here anyways. And if they cannot accept an apology at face value, it is not
your problem.

I'm not sure that I even know myself why I continue to follow this group,
but it's always nice to see some traffic once in a while. Welcome back.
Corey White
2017-11-30 20:21:44 UTC
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LaBlueGirl, it's been a really long time and I certainly don't hold anything against you. I still remember when Katrina hit, and you had to leave for Europe. I'm sorry about your daughter too. It would be nice if you decided to stick around here. :)