Magick, preparations
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2017-02-11 16:54:53 UTC

To be able to live magically, one needs to have done many works of
magick, so one has many experiences to convince reality.

Thus concludes phrase 1.

Fucking poetry; fucktards!

Part 1 le 2 .

find the beauty:
(that is a continuous thingy, find the beaty everywhere in everything;
joy is something you do)

To help you:


anyone worthy,

i feel flattered by your fascination with me.

Like any hotblooded women, i simply needed an object to crave.

Pum pum pum, pum pum pum;

What if i drown in this sea of devotion,
Just a stone,
left unturned.

Should be enuf training material.

What is referenced where on which plane for what purpose ?

Magick, it aint easy:

Mike Duffy
2017-02-11 19:41:46 UTC
Post by Bassos
Fucking poetry; fucktards!
Pum pum pum, pum pum pum;
Well, that line rhymes quite well.