Ritual Astrology: High Magick
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Corey White
2018-10-30 07:21:11 UTC
Ritual Astrology
High Magick

Corey White
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All rights reserved.
ISBN: 9781726317191

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To the children of the stars.




Signs & Planets



A History of Astrological Magic

Astrological Spells



If you’ve picked up this book, you have something in common with most of humanity. We all want life to go smoothly and to feel like we have some control over the way things play out. There is nothing more natural than that. Our universe and all of life has an inherent order and structure to it, it follows predictable patterns that we can follow. That is especially true for the planets and stars that orbit and revolve through space in pattern year after year. An understanding of astrological magick allows you to use the order of the cosmos to take destiny into your own hands and use planetary influences to create your own fate. Sounds good, right?

Whether or not we choose to acknowledge it we exist as part of a whole system. The movements of the cosmos around us do affect us, and entire civilizations as well. As of the writing of this book, in the Summer of 2018, there is tremendous change happening in the world coinciding with six planets falling into retrograde over a period of a few months. Never before have I personally felt the effects of the planets on my own life so strongly. But knowing about them is assisting me with making the most of the energy being put out of the cosmos right now, and much needed changes have been happening for me and around me. Taking time to learn about astrology and its place in your magickal practice can help you find your place in the greater natural flow. And when you are no longer fighting the flow, everything is effortless.

The planets also influence psychological forces inside of us, just as the moon controls the tide of the oceans. In ancient Greece, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn were the only recognized planets that could be seen from earth. Astrologers regard those seven planets as the ones with the most immediate impact on the individual. The outer planets move slower, so their influences only change after longer periods of time and affect entire generations.

There are twelve signs and ten planets used in modern astrology. Planets travel at different speeds around the Sun, and it takes twenty five thousand years for all of them to align the same way again. Consequently, the charts used in astrology and astrological magick will always be unique. Certain situations are more likely to happen in certain planetary alignments, in accordance with natural flow and change. The astrologers job is to find the correct time and place for their magick to produce the desired outcome. Patience can be required to wait for the necessary planetary conditions. Everything we see in an astrological chart is not fated to happen. Once we are aware of our situation we can take action and make choices. This can be done through a ritual, lighting a candle, or casting a spell. It could also be simply making different decisions that will have better outcomes.

This book requires you to believe in magick. If you don’t believe, please take a moment and suspend your disbelief before reading on. Common sense tells us not to believe in things without evidence. We develop our beliefs from what we are taught and the world around us. We take for granted that our perception of reality, our lives, other people, and ourselves is incredibly subjective. There is more wiggle room, or grey areas, in life than we realize where it is more than possible to effect change in unconventional ways. Unless you believe in magick you may never see it.

For magick to work, you need to believe in two things. That the spell is possible, and that you can do magick. If you go into the ritual with the thought that it might not work, nothing will happen. People new to magic often fail when casting spells because of their own doubts about magick. The reason this is is because magick is an act of will, of utilizing your will to create change of some kind. In the moment of the magickal working, or spell, you need to be able to focus all your mental energy and will upon the object of your spell. If you have doubts, they will only serve to distract you. If you are skeptical, you will not throw the full force of your will into the work. This is why it matters to examine any fears or doubts you have beforehand.

Some other important considerations before we continue:

* A journal is a must. Write in detail about what you want to accomplish, along with the date and time of your ritual. This is not only to be able to look back on a record of your magic, it also increases the energy of the spell as you put it out into the universe.
* The power of magick is not 100% ours and is not 100% the positions of the stars either. This means we have to take action once the ritual is finished and the stars have aligned. Don’t sit on your butt waiting for results to roll in- make your life happen!
* Successful magick will work in a way that can seem like coincidence. By putting ourselves into situations where our desired outcome can occur we can take advantage of this.
Is Astrology Real?

The Sun controls the seasons and provides energy for life on Earth. The Moon causes the ocean tides, and helps us sleep at night. Still, science believes astrology has no influence on our lives. Science however, has never found consciousness. Consciousness runs through the nerves in our bodies like electric cables. In the same way, the planets in astrology are networked together by light, and consciousness rides this network like a spirtual highway.


I would like to begin by sharing a few resources that will be useful when reading this book.
The best free astrology software I've found is called Zodiac, and runs for Windows and Linux. (https://github.com/atten/zodiac)
Another free tool that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It's called Stellarium. It lets you examine the cosmos in real time from your location as if you were in a planetarium. (https://www.stellarium.org)


A Few Helpful Tips and Thoughts Before We Begin

Astrology is a wonderful thing to incorporate into your personal magick. The energy of the cosmos is a powerful thing. However, don’t let yourself feel hung-up by the specific times that the Signs are in the right place for your working. If you really need to cast something, don’t wait for the perfect moment.

That being said- please take the time to really think about the energy you are calling on and how it will affect you and what you’re using it for. It is easy to misuse and get a different result than you wanted. However, it is also fairly easy to remedy, and there will be a section dedicated to that.

The following charts and descriptions are provided for you to reference and build your own spells. There are also spells provided for you later in this section that can be incorporated in your workings as you choose. Also, I will be discussing Signs, Planets, and Houses, but do not feel like it is necessary to incorporate all of those aspects. Again, if you are specific about the energies you are inviting into your work, you shouldn’t run into any issues.

Planets in Signs in Houses: How to Bring It All Together

A consideration when tapping into Astrological Energy for spell or ritual is what Planets are in the Astrological Sign you wish to use. The Signs are constellations made of stars that are always moving throughout the year as well as the Planets. When a Planet is in alignment with a Sign, the planet is said to be “in” that Sign. There is a third element to be considered in using this type of energy. The sky is divided into what are called “Houses”. Each house is related to a specific Sign and shares the same qualities of that Sign- for example the first House shares qualities of Aries, the second shares qualities of Taurus, etc. When reading one’s birth chart the houses are described as representing specific areas of our lives. For example having Gemini in your first House means that your outward personality would be seen by others as fun, witty, and gregarious. This makes Houses an excellent aspect to use in spellwork. Planets move through all of the Houses as the year goes on, so it provides many interesting opportunities for working magick.

Houses and their Influence, a Quick Reference

First House
Ruled by Aries & Mars
Health, Appearance, Self-Expression, Personality, Perception of Life

Second House
Ruled by Taurus & Venus
Money, Possessions, Self-Value, Attitudes Towards Money, Motivation

Third House
Ruled by Gemini & Mercury
Communication, Ideas, Intellect, Most Immediate Relationships, Creativity

Fourth House
Ruled by Cancer & Moon
Home, Family, Domestic Affairs, Your Roots, Where You Live

Fifth House
Ruled by Leo & Sun
Children, Creative Works, The Arts, Romance, Emotions, Sports, Luck

Sixth House
Ruled by Virgo & Mercury
Work, Service, Routines, Health, Employees/Employers, Work Relationships

Seventh House
Ruled by Libra & Venus
Relationships, Marriage, Partnerships, Enemies, Business Partners

Eighth House
Ruled by Scorpio & Pluto
Sex, Death, Renewal, Transformation, Psychic Ability, Other People’s Money

Ninth House
Ruled by Sagittarius & Jupiter
Spirituality, Aspirations, Growth, Religion, Legal Affairs, Beliefs, Ideals

Tenth House
Ruled by Capricorn & Saturn
Career, Honors, Public Image, Reputation, Social Standing, Fame

Eleventh House
Ruled by Aquarius & Uranus
Friendships, Hopes, Wishes, Social Connections, Career Income, Clubs

Twelfth House
Ruled by Pisces & Neptune
Secrets, Hidden Things, Solitude, Struggles/Trials, Restriction, Burdens

So, ideally, you would cast spells when planets and signs were aligned into the House that worked best for the spell you are casting. If needed you may decide to wait until the Signs and Planets would bring the influence you desire. What I find a bit more practical is to note (Using a computer) where the Signs and Planets will be in relation to each other in the next few weeks or even up to the next year- and then consider if there are any workings I would like to perform that would be harmonious with those alignments. I find that planning my magick that way also gives me a sense of being in tune with the Universe and following its flow. Do what works for you- if it pleases you to meticulously plan and wait, then do it. Be yourself.

An Overview of the Sign Effects on Planets

Aries March 21 – April 19
Planets in Aries will be influenced by Aries’ outgoing, fiery qualities. Aries will bring characteristics of passion, initiative, competitiveness, and adventurousness to any Planet in alignment with it.

Taurus April 20 – May 20
Planets in Taurus will be influenced by Taurus’ patient, stable, and practical qualities. Taurus will bring characteristics of tenacity, affection, dependability, and strength to any Planet in alignment with it.

Gemini May 21 – June 20
Planets in Gemini will be influenced by Gemini’s quick, versatile, and intellectual qualities. Gemini will bring characteristics of adaptability, curiosity, wit, and inventiveness to any Planet in alignment with it.

Cancer June 21 – July 22
Planets in Cancer will be influenced by Cancer’s emotional, and intuitive qualities. Cancer will bring characteristics of sensitivity, nurturing, imagination, and receptivity to any Planet in alignment with it.

Leo July 23 – August 22
Planets in Leo will be influenced by Leo’s flamboyant and proud qualities. Leo will bring characteristics of drama, dignity, stardom, loyalty, gregariousness and strength to any Planet in alignment with it.

Virgo August 23 – September 22
Planets in Virgo will be influenced by Virgo’s meticulous and analytical qualities. Virgo will bring characteristics of precision, honesty, dependability, and discernment to any Planet in alignment with it.

Libra September 23 – October 22
Planets in Libra will be influenced by Libra’s balanced qualities. Libra will bring characteristics of friendliness, diplomacy, extroversion, and a sense of fairness to any Planet in alignment with it.

Scorpio October 23 – November 21
Planets in Scorpio will be influenced by Scorpio’s intense and secretive qualities. Scorpio will bring characteristics of courage, assertiveness, determination and tenacity to any Planet in alignment with it.

Sagittarius November 22 – December 21
Planets in Sagittarius will be influenced by Sagittarius’ adventurous qualities. Sagittarius will bring characteristics of fairness, directness, and honesty to any Planet in alignment with it.

Capricorn December 22 – January 19
Planets in Capricorn will be influenced by Capricorn’s prudent and disciplined qualities. Capricorn will bring characteristics of steadiness, dependability, and deliberateness to any Planet in alignment with it.

Aquarius January 20 – February 18
Planets in Aquarius will be influenced by Aquarius’ eccentric qualities. Aquarius will bring characteristics of rebelliousness, unique perspectives, and imagination to any Planet in alignment with it.

Pisces February 19 – March 20
Planets in Pisces will be influenced by Pisces’ patient and compassionate qualities. Pisces will bring characteristics of intuition, humility, gentleness and kindness to any Planet in alignment with it.

Notes on the Planets

The Sun is connected to the conscious mind, and to truth, beauty, goodness, joy, life, and healing. Its powerful energy can be used to clear away any negative energy, and to illuminate anything that seems obscured (people who are lying, lack of clarity within oneself, apparent lack of options in life, etc) so that the truth is revealed. It can cast out emotional baggage and toxic influences in your life. It can also be used to improve your personality in numerous ways when combined with any Sign. There is an overall focus on the outer self.

The Moon is connected to the subconscious, our emotions and their deeper meanings, as well as illusion and intuition. It is inherently watery (and thus connected to emotion), as it pulls on the world tides and far more subtly on our own bodies. It also concerns our deeper instinctual selves. There is an overall focus on the internal self. The phase of the Moon matters. Nuances that each phase gives to Moon energy:
* New Moon: Concerns the subconscious and our shadow self, which includes any and all things we are repressing or denying. The beginning of a new cycle. Our dark, inner core where our intuition and wisdom lies. Good for shadow work, retrieving information lost to the conscious mind, and starting a part of life with a clean slate.
* Waxing Moon: Generally useful for workings meant to increase, create, or invite in the object of one’s spell. Refer to the sign the moon is currently in for further nuance.
* Full Moon: Concerns fantasy, illusion, illumination of the subconscious, our dreams, intuition, psychic abilities, and emotions/passions winning out over logic. Instincts prevailing over intellectualism. Metaphors. Good for casting glamours, dream-work, gentle illumination of one’s subconscious (rather than the bright, but perhaps harsh, sun), tapping into one’s abilities, and astral travel.
* Waning Moon: Generally useful for workings meant to banish, destroy, weaken, or decrease the object of one’s spell. Refer to the sign the moon is currently in for further nuance.

Mercury is a quick little planet, and thus is good for getting things done fast. This planet is suited in workings for things such as: outsmarting a rival, turning a situation around quickly, opening or closing communications in any situation (love, friendship, family, business, legal, etc), attracting networking opportunities, and finding clever solutions to resolve any situation you might be faced with so that you end up on top.

Venus is famous for its association to love and beauty. Naturally this planet is wonderful for helping with one’s level of attractiveness to others in numerous ways. It can also attract beautiful things to you, whether that is possessions or people. You can also use Venus to help you become more graceful or talented. To influence people with feminine energy towards you, as well as to invoke feminine energy into yourself for any purpose. To influence any relationship you have.

Mars helps us find our warrior within. This is an excellent planet for athletes, others engaged in strenuous activities, people in competitive fields, or anyone who strives for excellence through skill and physical exertion. Use Mars to help you build the qualities you need to conquer your goals. Mars helps those who help themselves.

Jupiter is a student’s best friend, or anyone who endeavors to learn or better themselves in any way. Jupiter is helpful in spells to bring us good luck, to find spiritual direction, encourage others to be generous towards you, encourage advancement in one’s career, and increase your ability to understand any field of study.

Saturn is a stern planet, and serious minded. It is a friend for when you wish to influence an authority figure in your life, or to increase one’s own presence of authority. It is also useful for influencing masculine people towards you. It is also a useful planet to work with in working through your fears and internal obstacles to your goals, as well as staying motivated until the end.

Uranus is the genius. Uranus would be great to instigate sudden and dramatic changes in any situation. Uranus can help with encouraging rebelliousness, independent thinking, and freedom. Need help with some creative inspiration? Uranus can inspire you with unconventional and truly innovative ideas.

Neptune stays in each sign for about 14 years at a time, so this could be an opportunity for long workings utilizing it’s qualities. Here you can heal self-destructive behaviors, and assist in encouraging qualities of grace, compassion, patience, and spirituality. Use Neptune to change your perceptions of a situation, or to influence the perspective of others. It is also useful to encourage musical and creative gifts.

Pluto has a slow and irregular orbit, and can be in a sign from 12 to 22 years roughly, consult resources tracking its predicted movements if you plan on working with this planet. Also, a good planet for long spell work. Pluto brings an intense and transformative energy to all spellwork. It can give us the powerful energies of death followed by resurrection, renewal, and rebirth. It can help us transcend adversity and find our own freedom. Pluto is good for gaining control of a situation, gaining control of your life, and turning yourself around.

Days Associated With The Signs

Sunday: Leo

Monday: Cancer

Tuesday: Aries Scorpio

Wednesday: Virgo Gemini

Thursday: Sagitarius Pisces

Friday: Taurus Libra

Saturday: Capricorn Aquarius

Days Associate With the Planets

Sunday: Sun

Monday: Moon

Tuesday: Mars, Pluto

Wednesday: Mercury

Thursday: Jupiter, Neptune

Friday: Venus

Saturday: Saturn, Uranus

The Tree Of Life:

Sun: Tiphareth

Moon: Yesod

Earth: Malkuth

Mercury: Hod

Venus: Netzach

Mars: Geburah

Uranus: Kether

Jupiter: Chesod

Saturn: Binah

Neptune: Chokma

Pluto: Daath


Sun: Yellow

Moon: White

Mercury: Variable

Venus: Green

Mars: Red

Jupiter: Blue

Saturn: Orange

Uranus: Violet

Neptune: Grey

Pluto: Black


Astrology and The Tree of Life are very similar. In Kaballah the Tree of Life is represented as 10 spheres known as Sephirot. Astrology follows the path of 10 planets in the universe. Modern Kabbalists associate those 10 planets to the Tree of Life. This is a shocking coincidence. Add to it the fact that numerology reduces everything to a number no greater than 10, and you can begin to see a pattern. By counting to 10, each number can connect you to one of the planets. The below chant is a spell which does not require a full blown astrological ritual and uses the power of 10 principle.

With the chant of one the spell has begun
With the chant of two the magic becomes true
With the chant of three all desires come to me
With the chant of four magics knocking at my door
With the chant of five my wishes come alive
With the chant of six what is broke I will fix
With the chant of seven blessings fall to me from Heaven
With the chant of eight I create my own fate
With the chant of nine I will make it become mine
With the chant of ten I cast this spell once again

Further chants you may wish to use for each planet and sign are printed here as well.

Chant to Aries:
Aries, who ever since time began,
Has ruled the land forever,
As the Ram

Chant to Taurus:
Taurus is strong,
Until her last breath
She sees all our wrongs
And is loyal 'till death

Chant to Gemini:
Gemini 'o Twins
Here I begin
Uncertain if I'll win
Or fall to sin
Open your door to let me in

Chant to Cancer:
Cancer, a dancer in the sky
You hold truth the answers
By and by

Chant to Leo:
Leo, strong as the Lion
You are the guardian of Zion

Chant to Virgo:
From the sky the magic flows
In the stars the Goddess glows
The Virgin shares what she knows
And speaks to all of Virgo

Chant to Libra:
Cast away the veil
With you I will not fail
Libra with your scales
Free me from all earthly jails

Chant to Scorpio:
Hear me Scorpio
For I'm standing far below
I ask not to be your foe
And that you show me all you know!

Chant to Sagitarius:
Sagittarius the Archer,
With your bows departure
Let loose your arrows
Faster than the sparrows

Chant to Capricorn:
Capricorn the goat
I quote the spell you have wrote
Up in the sky, and so remote
I beg you be my antidote

Chant to Aquarius:
To the stars of Aquarius
Numerous and various
Bring light to the precarious

Chant to Pisces:
I call upon Pisces
I call upon the Fish
Lead me through crises
And grant for me this wish

Chant to the Sun
Oh Sun, the day is never done
You are the center and the one
All around you planets spun
A light brighter there is none

Chant to the Moon
I call upon the Goddess Moon
May my dreams come real soon
In her light that I see
What becomes real to me
Chant to Mercury
Mercury, in the sky
Above me, oh so high
Lift me up so I may fly

Chant to Venus
Of all the stars, Venus
You are the most fair
Vast distances between us
I gaze up and stare

Chant to Mars
Gazing in wonder amid the stars,
I beg the favor of you,
The God of Mars.

Chant to Jupiter
As the galaxys stir
I ask this of you Jupiter
Permit this magick to occur

Chant to Saturn
I call out to you Saturn
Hanging in heaven like a lantern
Reveal to me the great pattern

Chant to Uranus:
Uranus, make not this life aimless
Take all pains and make them painless
Without your light the night is nameless

Chant to Neptune:
I cast your name in ancient runes
And stand in awe of you Neptune
For you bring heaven’s spheres in tune

Chant to Pluto:
Oh, dark and hidden Pluto
Share with me what you know
And save me from the grave below


Basic Meditation

Find a place and time where you can be alone for at least half an hour, and get comfortable however you like.
Clear your mind, and just be present for a few breaths. Focus on your aura, or the energy body that surrounds your being. Visualize it as a large sphere you are sitting inside of. After a few moments of getting centered in yourself, imagine reaching out with your mind up to the planet or star constellation of your choice. Light the appropriate candle for the planet(s) you are working with, and begin chanting. Repeat the chant a few times and visualize the planets sigil. Imagine that your energy and its energy touch each other. Feel its energy and allow yourself to experience this energy form. You may ask it questions concerning things under it’s governance, or quietly sit in its glow. Come out of the meditation when you are ready, withdrawing yourself back into your own body.

Sometimes it may happen that your magick isn’t working. Blocks in the flow of energy often prevent you from creating the effects that you want to create. There can be psychological blocks, physical limitations, and even magick created by someone else. Because of this, meditation must be done before every ritual. Meditation helps you take an honest look at what if anything will keep your spell from becoming reality, and what you want once your spell is cast. After meditation, you can then perform a ritual to remove those blocks preventing your spell from being created. After you do that creating your spell will become effortless.


the Babylonians worshiped the moving stars and planets as deities. They charted the position of the planets alongside their historical records. The Greek's named the planets after their Gods, and used them in their prayers and rituals. Some time later, the Romans also named the planets after their Gods. Those names for the planets are still used in modern astrology and astronomy.

Most scholars credit astronomers for discovering the modern planets. However, the tree of life in kabbalistic Judaism is made up of 10 spheres. Each of the spheres have been associated with one of the planets in modern astrology.

The oldest record of astrological spells are the Oprhic Hymns .Orpheus, an ancient Greek, wrote them to call the 7 planets known at that time. I encourage you to use them in your magick

The Orphic Hymn to Jupiter:

Recite the following Hymn to Jupiter:
O Jove much-honoured, Jove supremely great,
To thee our holy rites we consecrate,
Our prayers and expiations, king divine,
For all things round thy head exalted shine.
The earth is thine, and mountains swelling high,
The sea profound, and all within the sky.
Saturnian king, descending from above,
Magnanimous, commanding, sceptred Jove;
All-parent, principle and end of all,
Whose power almighty, shakes this earthly ball;
Even Nature trembles at thy mighty nod,
Loud-sounding, armed with lightning, thundering God.
Source of abundance, purifying king,
O various-formed from whom all natures spring;
Propitious hear my prayer, give blameless health,
With peace divine, and necessary wealth.

The Orphic Hymn to Mars:

Recite the following Hymn to Mars:
Magnanimous, unconquer'd, boistrous Mars,
In darts rejoicing, and in bloody wars
Fierce and untam'd, whose mighty pow'r can make
The strongest walls from their foundations shake:
Mortal destroying king, defil'd with gore,
Pleas'd with war's dreadful and tumultuous roar:
Thee, human blood, and swords, and spears delight,
And the dire ruin of mad savage fight.
Stay, furious contests, and avenging strife,
Whose works with woe, embitter human life;
To lovely Venus, and to Bacchus yield,
To Ceres give the weapons of the field;
Encourage peace, to gentle works inclin'd,
And give abundance, with benignant mind.

The Orphic Hymn to the Sun:

Recite the following Hymn to the Sun:
Hear golden Titan, whose eternal eye
With broad survey, illumines all the sky.
Self-born, unwearied in diffusing light,
And to all eyes the mirror of delight:
Lord of the seasons, with thy fiery car
And leaping coursers, beaming light from far:
With thy right hand the source of morning light,
And with thy left the father of the night.
Agile and vigorous, venerable Sun,
Fiery and bright around the heavens you run.
Foe to the wicked, but the good man's guide,
O'er all his steps propitious you preside:
With various founding, golden lyre, 'tis mine
To fill the world with harmony divine.
Father of ages, guide of prosperous deeds,
The world's commander, borne by lucid steeds,
Immortal Jove, all-searching bearing light,
Source of existence, pure and fiery bright
Bearer of fruit, almighty lord of years,
Agile and warm, whom every power reveres.
Great eye of Nature and the starry skies,
Doomed with immortal flames to set and rise
Dispensing justice, lover Of the stream,
The world's great despot, and over all supreme.
Faithful defender, and the eye of right,
Of steeds the ruler, and of life the light:
With founding whip four fiery steeds you guide,
When in the car of day you glorious ride.
Propitious on these mystic labours shine,
And bless thy supplicants With a life divine.

The Orphic Hymn to Venus:

Recite the following Hymn to Venus:
Heavenly, illustrious, laughter-loving queen,
Sea-born, night-loving, of an awful mien;
Crafty, from whom necessity first came,
Producing, nightly, all-connecting dame:
Tis thine the world with harmony to join,
For all things spring from thee, O power divine.
The triple Fates are ruled by thy decree,
And all productions yield alike to thee:
Whatever the heavens, encircling all contain,
Earth fruit-producing, and the stormy main,
Thy sway confesses, and obeys thy nod,
Awful attendant of the brumal God:
Goddess of marriage, charming to the sight,
Mother of Loves, whom banquetings delight;
Source of persuasion, secret, favouring queen,
Illustrious born, apparent and unseen:
Spousal, lupercal, and to men inclined,
Prolific, most-desired, life-giving, kind:
Great sceptre-bearer of the Gods, tis thine,
Mortals in necessary bands to join;
And every tribe of savage monsters dire
In magic chains to bind, thro mad desire.
Come, Cyprus-born, and to my prayer incline,
Whether exalted in the heavens you shine,
Or pleased in Syrias temple to preside,
Or over the Egyptian plains thy car to guide,
Fashioned of gold; and near its sacred flood,
Fertile and famed to fix thy blest abode;
Or if rejoicing in the azure shores,
Near where the sea with foaming billows roars,
Ihe circling choirs of mortals, thy delight,
Or beauteous nymphs, with eyes cerulean bright,
Pleased by the dusty banks renowned of old,
To drive thy rapid, two-yoked car of gold;
Or if in Cyprus with thy mother fair,
Where married females praise thee every year,
And beauteous virgins in the chorus join,
Adonis pure to sing and thee divine;
Come, all-attractive to my prayer inclined,
For thee, I call, with holy, reverent mind.

The Orphic Hymn to Mercury:

Recite the following Hymn to Mercury:
Hermes, draw near, and to my prayer incline,
Angel of Jove, and Maia's son divine;
Studious of contests, ruler of mankind,
With heart almighty, and a prudent mind.
Celestial messenger, of various skill,
Whose powerful arts could watchful Argus kill:
With winged feet, tis thine thro air to course,
O friend of man, and prophet of discourse:
Great life-supporter, to rejoice is thine,
In arts gymnastic, and in fraud divine:
With power endued all language to explain,
Ofcare the loosener, and the source of gain.
Whose hand contains of blameless peace the rod,
Corucian, blessed, profitable God;
Of various speech, whose aid in works we find,
And in necessities to mortals kind:
Dire weapon of the tongue, which men revere,
Be present, Hermes, and thy suppliant hear;
Assist my works, conclude my life with peace,
Give graceful speech, and me memory's increase.

The Orphic Hymn to The Moon:

Recite the following Hymn to the Moon:
Hear, Goddess queen, diffusing silver light,
Bull-horned and wandering thro the gloom of Night.
With stars surrounded, and with circuit wide
Nights torch extending, thro the heavens you ride:
Female and Male With borrowed rays you shine,
And now full-orbed, now tending to decline.
Mother of ages, fruit-producing Moon,
Whose amber orb makes Nights reflected noon:
Lover of horses, splendid, queen of Night,
All-seeing power bedecked with starry light.
Lover of vigilance, the foe ofstrife,
In peace rejoicing, and a prudent life:
Fair lamp of Night, its ornament and friend,
Who gives to Natures works their destined end.
Queen of the stars, all-wife Diana hail!
Decked with a graceful robe and shining veil;
Come, blessed Goddess, prudent, starry, bright,
Come moony-lamp with chaste and splendid light,
Shine on these sacred rites with prosperous rays,
And pleased accept thy suppliants mystic praise.

The Orphic Hymn to Saturn:

Recite the following Hymn to Saturn:
Ethereal father, mighty Titan, hear,
Great fire of Gods and men, whom all revere:
Endowed with various council, pure and strong,
To whom perfection and decrease belong.
Consumed by thee all forms that hourly die,
By thee restored, their former place supply;
The world immense in everlasting chains,
Strong and ineffable thy power contains
Father of vast eternity, divine,
O mighty Saturn, various speech is thine:
Blossom of earth and of the starry skies,
Husband of Rhea, and Prometheus wife.
Obstetric Nature, venerable root,
From which the various forms of being shoot;
No parts peculiar can thy power enclose,
Diffused thro' all, from which the world arose,
O, best of beings, of a subtle mind,
Propitious hear to holy prayers inclined;
The sacred rites benevolent attend,
And grant a blameless life, a blessed end.


The following spells are examples, all of which have either been actually performed by us, or are composites based on years of experience in casting and getting results. As with all magick exercise due diligence in considering your intention and how all of the items you are using and energies you are calling upon are going to realistically affect that. The key to getting a spell to work is remembering that ultimately magick is about who has the strongest will. If your will is the strongest, then your will will be manifested. If you are casting anything to do with other people in anyway or affecting the world you are contending against the will of all of those people and against the flow of the circumstances as they are currently progressing. Obviously, the more in line with the current flow your working is, the easier it will be to manifest.

Magick moves in the path of least resistance. Spells occur in accordance with the flow of the universe rather than suddenly altering the natural order of space and time. You have to trust the universe to help you. Magic is not instantaneous, and so it can sometimes feel as if nothing is happening. The lack of instantaneous results doesn't mean the magick has failed. Your spells will manifest if you believe in them, but if you are not clear what you want, they can come about in unexpected ways.

Our minds control our reality, but there are limits to what we are able to do with our minds. We can't levitate or walk on water because our unconscious beliefs won't allow this to happen. It is like trying to hold your breath until you pass out or stop your own heartbeat. Religions are built around people who have been able to work such wonders, but that is outside the scope of this book.

To practice astrological magick you don’t need to worship anything. Instead, work to advance yourself spiritually on the road to enlightenment. When you move into alignment with the forces of the universe, you are able to create your own destiny. Sometimes this will be miraculous and sometimes you need to be patient. The universe will always provide a sign telling you what to do next.

All of these spells can be adapted any way you see fit and are easily inserted into larger rituals.
Below is a list of spells and sigils to use when working astrological magick. Each spell is a combination of a planets and one or more signs. If a planet for the spell is in the sign for the spell, their is an alignment. When a planet is in a sign’s house or a sign is in a planet’s house there is a similar an alignment. When the ruling planet for the sign used is in that sign, there is another kind of alignment.

For example if the sun is in Aries you have one alignment. Aries is strongest in the first house, so if the sun is in the first house you have another alignment. The Sun is strongest in the fifth house, so if Aries is in the Fifth house you have yet another alignment.

Finally the ruling planet of Aries is Mars, so if mars is in Aries you have another alignment. Planets and signs also correspond to days of the week. The Sun is on Sundays, and Aries is on Tuesdays. If you can’t find an alignment for both the Planet and the Sign, waiting until the right day of the week is a good idea.

There are 10 Spheres of Magick linked to Astrology and uskng the ten Sephiroth. There is also an invisible 11th sphere in both Astrology & to Kabbalistic Tradition. In astrology it is the forgotten planet Pluto, and in Kaballah it is the black sphere Daath.

Each sphere has a purpose, and has greater or lesser forms. The lesser forms can be used with no one suspecting magic, while the greater forms will be harder to create and seen obviously as magick.

(1) Kether / Restoring
Planet: Uranus
Sign: Aquarius
Eleventh House: Uranus / Aquarius
Days: Saturday
Candle: Violet
Lesser: Renewal / Healing
Greater: Curing disease

(2) Chokmah / Transforming
Planet: Neptune
Sign: Pisces
Eigth House: Neptune
Eleventh House: Pisces
Days: Thursday
Candle: Grey
Lesser: Beauty / Attraction
Greater: Shape changing

(3) Binah / Predicting
Planet: Saturn
Sign: Capricorn
Lesser: Wisdom / Observation
Greater: Seeing the future
Tenth House: Saturn / Capricorn
Days: Saturday
Candle: Orange

(4) Chesed / Transporting
Planet: Jupiter
Sign: Sagittarius
Lesser: Guidance / Protection
Greater: Teleportation
Ninth House: Jupiter / Sagittarius
Days: Thursday
Candle: Blue

(5) Geburah /Animating
Planet: Mars
Signs: Aries
Lesser: Force / Energy
Greater: Move objects / fly
First House: Mars / Aries
Days: Tuesdays
Candle: Red

(6) Tiphareth / Producing
Planet: Sun
Sign: Leo
Lesser: Manifesting / Insight
Greater: Creating from nothing
Fifth House: Sun / Leo
Days: Sunday
Candle: Yellow

(7) Netzach / Influencing
Planet: Venus
Signs: Libra / Taurus
Lesser: Suggestion / Charisma
Greater: Hypnotism / Control
Seventh House: Venus
Second House: Libra / Taurus
Days: Friday
Candle: Green

(8) Hod / Mind Reading
Planet: Mercury
Signs: Gemini / Virgo
Lesser: Empathy / Understanding
Greater: Telepathy
Third House: Mercury / Gemini
Sixth House: Mercury / Virgo
Days: Wednesday
Candle: Any

(9) Yesod / Vanishing
Planet: Moon
Sign: Cancer
Lesser: Avoiding / Secrets
Greater: Invisibility
Fourth House: Cancer / Moon
Days: Monday
Candle: White

(10) - Malkuth / Penetrating
Planet: Earth
Signs: Taurus / Virgo
Lesser: Entering / Escaping
Greater: Pass through objects
Second House: Taurus
Sixth House: Virgo

(11) - Daath / Destruction
Planet: Pluto
Sign: Scorpio
Lesser: Weaken / Curse
Greater: Kill / Destroy
Eighth House: Pluto / Scorpio
Days: Tuesday
Candle: Black


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Three Books of Occult Philosophy
Agrippa, Henry Cornelius
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