Robert Zink is a protoge of Warren Jeffs
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Frater LES
2011-08-06 04:19:06 UTC
Recently FLDS cult leader Warren Jeffs was found guilty of child sex
crimes charges regarding the impregnation of two underage girls that were
15 and 12 respectively. Details can be found at the following link:


If it does not work properly, simply cut and paste it into your web

Robert Zink, Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn cult leader, is guilty of
similar crimes. In 1990 he impregnated a teenage girl from Downey,
California at the age of 16. She was his employee on a summer job in Las
Vegas when they met. He fathered a son with her that was born at or near
1992. A few years later, Robert victimized the daughter of another
member of the EOGD. She and her mother were members beginning in 1993. At
the age of 14, the daughter was propositioned and by 15 had consumated a
relationship with Robert. He actually impregnated her on New Year's eve
of 1994 and she subsequently gave birth to a son in November of the same
year. We have posted the birth certificate (provided by the girl's
mother) to attest to this fact on several of our publicly available

The fact of the matter is that, regardless of any justification that
Robert or any other members of his cult may provide, Robert Zink is a
serial child molester similar to Warren Jeffs. Like Mr. Jeffs, Robert
Zink has probably molested countless children in his organization that
have never come forward. In fact, to this date, none of the victims have
testified in a court of law and apparently haven't been given the chance.
Like Warren Jeffs, Robert Zink is a sociopathic narcissist that will stop
at nothing to get what he wants and has little or no concept of reality.
He too insists that he "owns" the EOGD and its current and even declares
in his inner order rituals that he and the EOGD are "ordained by God".
Mr. Jeffs claimed the same thing in open court on Thursday and was
summarily convicted of child sex crimes for the impregnation of two under
aged girls. Given the overwhelming evidence against Mr. Zink, it is only
a matter of time before he too sees his day in court. Pedophiles do not
stop anything any more than an alcoholic can stop drinking and it is only
a matter of time before one of his victims comes forward in much the same
way that others from the FLDS cult finally did.

Robert Zink claims that "God" and the "Third Order" have authorized him
to do whatever he wants. Warren Jeffs did that here:


Perhaps, one day justice will once again be served.
2011-08-06 04:38:26 UTC
Post by Frater LES
Robert Zink
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Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned, but a whining, clingy nerd
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2019-04-12 20:38:57 UTC
This is still relevent, thank you fir posting.